Rope access painting the main tower at Toowoomba Hospital.


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Toowoomba hospital main tower looking very bland and in bad need of a face lift.

Programmed maintenance was recently awarded the contract for improvements out at the Toowoomba Hospital including roof restorations and a repaint of the entire exterior.  It was when they considered how they were going to paint the main tower that things got interesting.

A boom lift was out of the question as it block off the main entrance to the hospital and scaffolding would be extremely costly, when compared to rope access.  Unfortunately there are no rope access companies out at Toowoomba.

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Two painters worked on getting the white squares on the main tower painted, while the other half of the team pressure cleaned external facades.

After a quick phone call to their Brisbane division we were recommended to the guys out at Toowoomba for the task.  Programmed had been quoted 360 hours to complete the job, but we knew we could do much better.  We deployed our best and brightest team of rope access painters and decorators for the job.

Arriving early Monday morning, the 4 rope techs got acquainted with the job and after making sure that all the safety paper work was in order, got off to a good start, pressure cleaning the front of the tower and getting 2 vertical columns of paint work completed.

By this stage we knew we weren’t going to take anywhere near the 360 hours estimated by the competing company and our client was happy as we recommend that they hire us “by the hour”, instead of a lump sum quote, paying for only what they use instead amount based on worst case scenario.

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Nearing completion – the new design looked fantastic and the job was completed well within schedule. Great success!

By Saturday the job complete and the guys were able to head home, having completed a mammoth task in just 216 hours (144 hours under budget).  Programmed were so happy with the guys they decided to get the crew back out there for some additional sign writing work and spray painting.

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