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Another Rope Access Painting Project Complete!

Azure Bluecare Painting Project is Complete!


Alltech kicked off a major rope access painting project for Azure Bluecare back in June this year, and after 2,500 hours of labour over 3 months, we can proudly say the job is complete!

The project involved surface preparation and painting of both the internal and external areas of the 3 medium rise buildings, comprising over 20,000 square metres of surface area in total to be painted.

Before work could commence, the buildings had to be fitted out with certified rope access anchor points, which were all designed and installed in-house by Alltech’s dedicated height safety installation team.  Once the anchor point system was in place and tested, the abseil painting team kicked into gear – first pressure cleaning the external surfaces in preparation for the new Dulux paint to be applied.

The abseil painting team took care of all the external high access areas, whilst the guys who prefer to keep their feet on the ground took care of the internal hallways, doors, frames and common areas.  Additionally the team removed and replaced all apartment numbers on residents front doors as part of the program.

At Alltech, we consider communication as a vital part of any successful painting operation.  Our project manager Liam ensured that the management team at Azure were always up to date with where the team were at and could therefor plan with residents about what to expect.

High rise painting projects aren’t always easy.  With dozens, or even hundreds of individual residents or guests, it’s takes careful consideration and forward thinking to ensure things go smoothly.  That’s why we would like to thank the whole team and residents at Bluecare for their cooperation and understanding throughout the project!

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