Shutdowns for any size mining organisation that require fast, none disruptive maintenance, or repairs to there facility infrastructure.

As we know, time is of the essence, and Alltech Abseilers are happy to handle the pressures that come with that responsibility. Because we use ropes to access hard to reach and dangerous locations, we guarantee our rope access services for Shut Downs are the safest and cheapest option for your company to take advantage of.

Shutdowns Brisbane

Successful Shutdowns in Brisbane require a supportive and innovative work environment that motivates managers and staff go beyond their call of duty to satisfy clients needs.  With extensive and ongoing training and development on offer to our staff, we aim to build highly productive and knowledgeable teams of rope access workers that are capable of coordinating and successfully carry out projects across a wide variety of industrial rope access trades.

By maintaining an impeccable track record for safety, we will position ourselves well to win large contracts for significant mining and government firms around Australia, and we look forward to assisting your needs.

Professional Shutdowns Services

Striving towards excellence and safety on every project.

Professional Shutdowns Services by Alltech Abseilers. We are Industrial Abseilers that use cutting-edge Rope Access methods that are carefully planned from the beginning to create a fast, reliable Shutdown Service that benefits your bottom-line every time.

Our company culture allows our Rope Access Technicians to flourish and achieve their goals through active involvement in company decisions and a career path that will enable them to reach their full potential.

This environment promotes a sense of pride in our team’s workmanship that can clearly be seen in the results we are achieving on our day to day projects.

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Professional rope access trades & height safety specialists Australia wide.