Rope Access Services

Rope Access Services are not only window cleaning and painting! Alltech Abseilers offer unrivaled maintenance service for commercial customers throughout Queensland. More and more industries are discovering just how advanced and effective our industrial rope access methods have become.

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Professional Rope Access Trade Services.

Professional Rope Access Trade Services brought to you by Alltech Abseilers. We provide top class rope access services for Window Cleaning, Commercial Painting, Height Safety Inspections, Shutdowns and much more. Simply get in touch with our team to discuss your high rope access project, so we are able to provide you with an affordable solution.

Commercial Painting

Rope access is the best way to paint high access areas.  

Commercial Painting - Alltech Abseilers rope access experts

Get your building repainted by our highly skilled team of abseilers — Licensed Painting Contractors trained to carry out high access Painting using rope access techniques.


When it comes to the mining sector – experience is key!

Shutdowns - Alltech Abseilers, mining experianced rope access team

Shutdowns using Industrial Rope Access Trade professionals. Alltech Abseilers are fast, efficient and offer the safest and most economical means of access to elevated or confined space areas.

Roof Restorations

Using Ropes makes it everything affordable.

Roof Restoration - Access using ropes, no scaffolding required

Roof Restorations with highly skilled rope access technicians will restore, repair even the steepest roofs without a fuss. We can pressure clean or repaint your roof safely.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Professional High Rise Window Cleaning.

Commercial Window Cleaning - High Rise Building getting windows cleaned

Commercial Window Cleaning at extreme heights is affordable with our team of professional rope access window cleaners. Alltech Abseilers achieve perfect results every time because we can.

Height Safety Inspections

A very serious game, safety is paramount.

Height Safety Inspections - Alltech Abseiler descending from roof top

Height Safety Inspections by Industrial Abseilers with exceptional knowledge in regards to working at dangerous heights. Alltech Abseilers are equipped to test all rope access anchor points, static lines, height safety systems and fall arrest equipment.

Height Safety Installations

We install secure and easy to use height safety systems.

Height Safety Installations - high rise buildings and apartments safe and affordable

Height Safety Installations whether installed into concrete, steel purlins or mounted to any surface structure. Alltech Abseiler ensures their Height Safety Systems, are set to the highest safety standards possible.

Rope Access Services Australia Wide

When you hire one of the big name painting companies, they often sub-contract the work out to specialised rope access companies such as Alltech, costing you thousands more than dealing with us directly!

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Rope Access Technicians

Rope Access Technicians for Hi Rise and Rope Access projects. Hire Trade Services Rope Access Technicians to help get the tough jobs done right the first time.

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