Final abseil construction cleaning of high rises and commercial buildings.

High Rise Construction Cleaning

Successfully executing an external high rise cleaning operation for practical completion on your construction site requires careful planning and coordination with other trades for things to go smoothly.

Alltech Abseilers provide professional abseil window and facade cleaners with special training in the specifics of operating on a construction site and removing excess building byproducts without risking damage to the facades or glass.

Depending on the type of glass or facade feature being cleaned, the rope access cleaning team will work to specific methodologies using scratch free cleaning methods to successfully remove products such as paint, slurry and silicon from glass, frames, awnings and features.

A typical external construction clean consists of a full external rope access pressure clean to remove all bulky debris and dust, followed by an abseil window clean using tools such as white scourer pads to remove any stuck on material without damage.

Our team has delivered a host of large external rope access cleans on time and within budget for many major builders in Brisbane and on The Sunshine Coast.

If you need a rope access company with the know-how and communication skills to work with you on your next project, give us a call today on 1300 786 583.