Height Safety Installations

Have your height safety systems installed by QLD’s industry leaders in design and compliance.

Our team have been using roof anchor points for over 20 years and designing and installing them for more than 10.

We live and breath safety and have a passion for keeping people safe whilst working at heights.

By bringing a combined 30 years of using and inspecting rope access and height safety systems, the team are able to quickly identify the right rope access or height safety solution for you and get it installed or inspected by a team of rope access experts.

Once our onsite installation and testing is complete, we issue you with full certification and system manuals, so you can get the most out of your height safety system.

Rope Access & Fall Arrest Systems

Whether you’re a builder looking for an economical height safety solution, or tradesperson, looking for the most efficient form of safe access at height…

We have the expertise and experience to build the right solution for you.

  • Rope access anchor points
  • Fall arrest anchor points
  • Static line systems
  • Surface mount anchors
  • Fixed aluminium ladders and cages
  • Aluminium walkways and guard rails
  • Fall restraint access designs

Whether you need a fall restraint system to pressure clean a roof, a height safety system for your factory or a rope access installation to repaint a high rise, we have the best solutions available. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Brisbane | Sunshine Coast | Gold Coast.

Anchor Point Installations

No matter the type of roof, we can install a safe and easy to use height safety system to suit your needs:

• Corrugated Iron Roofs
• Spandek Roofs
• Clip Lock Roofs
• Concrete Slabs
• Tiled
• Inside Factories, Warehouses
• High Rise Buildings & Apartments
• Commercial Buildings
• Domestic Roofs

If you would like help in ensuring that your height safety systems are compliant, call 0423 406 099 to arrange a free consultation.  We’ll tell you everything you need to know to make sure you’re covered.

Height Safety Installations Brisbane

Height Safety Installations Brisbane, Alltech Abseilers Inspect, Install and Supply fall arrest systems, height safety and rope access equipment. Our all arrest anchor points mounted to the surface of a colour bond roof have a rating of 15kN in accordance with Australian standards for fall arrest.

Don’t waste your time and money on costly and ineffective height safety systems. Invest in the best – Alltech Abseilers.

Professional Height Safety Installations

Professional Height Safety Installations is a matter of life and Death.

Alltech Abseilers are qualified to install, certify and inspect height safety and rope access systems, and we also use them on a daily basis!

This gives us the hands-on knowledge required to build the best, most efficient and safest fall arrest and industrial rope access systems available anywhere.

Customer Support

Professional rope access trades & height safety specialists Australia wide.