Height Safety Inspections

Alltech industrial abseilers provide professional rope access services to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, The Gold Coast and greater South East Queensland.

You will be astonished at what we can accomplish using rope access alone and the money you will save by not having to set up scaffolding or swinging stages will leave you wondering why you hadn’t called us years before!

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Height Safety Inspections Brisbane

When it comes to performing these critical tests, the experience and expertise of the Alltech height safety inspectors is second to none.

As a rope access company, our staff out there trusting their lives in anchor point systems day in, day out, so we know first hand how important it is to test and inspect these systems on a regular basis.

Professional Height Safety Inspections

We will test your anchor points, tag them individually and issue you with a compliance certificate to keep on file.

To make sure you stay compliant, we’ll notify you when your building is due and carry out scheduled load testing and tagging to keep your building safe for workers.

All anchor point certifications are carried out in accordance with Australian standards – AS/NZ 4488.2:1997 & AS/NZ 1891.4:2009.

If your height safety system is out of date and something goes wrong, you could be liable.  Don’t put your business at risk with out of date or untested height safety systems.

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