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Brisbane Representative: 0423 406 099
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Call your Closest Connection, or Fill out the Free Quote Booking Form. Our Rope Access Expert will be notified and will contact you within the hour. If you require a same day painting service, please contact the AllTech Call Center to have this work quoted for you.

Being on the cutting edge of multi-story access technology has allowed Alltech Abseilers to reduce the cost and inconvenience of large scale painting projects for commercial, strata and domestic customers throughout Queensland.

With over 20 years Rope Access Painting, Cleaning, and Restorations our Track Record is proven. We look forward in working with you soon.

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Do you Only Do Commercial?

NO – as we are happy to offer our Elite Services to everyone that requires our Solutions. As you know now our rope access service has many different applications.

Do you have Insurance?

YES – Alltech Industrial Abseiler carries $20m in Public Liability Insurance.

Do your Staff receive Specialised Training?

Depending on the type of technician required for the job our staff have qualifications across all fields relating to work-at-height and industrial rope access.

We have team members who specialise in Window Cleaning, Painting, Pressure Washing, Anchor Point Installation, Building Inspections, Concrete Repair, Roofing and more.

Are your Prices Competitive?

Our prices are extremely competitive, and the main reason why we started our company. We have developed our own quoting software.  We simply enter the details of the Project AND PRESTO; you’ll have an accurate quote based on the exact task you seek.

I’m concerned about safety. Are your window cleaners qualified?

All entire working force is qualified by the International Rope Access Trade Association and receive extensive ongoing training. Rope access duties may seem like risky business, but when carried out by professionals it is extremely safe.

Two points of contact are maintained at all times, whilst are harnesses and ropes are inspected daily.  We take extra consideration for the safety of your residents and the public when planning out our cleans.  All measures are taken to ensure a safe and stress-free operation.

I’ve had a bad experience before, do you guarantee your work?

Yes.  Many of our fantastic customers have been with us for years.  Once you see the difference it makes when you have professional Rope Operators, rather than amateur jack-of-all-trades taking care of your building, you won’t consider going back to anybody else.

Once we have completed the job, we invite you and your residents to make sure you’re 100% happy with the work. If not we’ll come back and fix it. PERIOD