High Rise Building Concrete Repair Brisbane

How Our Rope Access Team Helped a Brisbane High Rise Avoid Potential Disaster

The advantages of having qualified tradespeople on ropes was really highlighted on a Brisbane high rise this week when our building maintenance team discovered a dangerous structural cracking issue with the potential to cause serious harm to the public nine floors below.

During a routine building clean, our high rise building maintenance team identified a vertical crack 90mm in from the end of the building parapet.  Upon close inspection, the crack had started to dislodge the last section of wall with the potential to fall off.

structural crack discovered by high rise building maintenance team

Working With an Engineer to Formulate a Solution

In order to eliminate the risk of the section dislodging completely, the team consulted with specialist engineer who specified a temporary solution.  We would pin the loose section of concrete in place using 16mm threaded steel bar, epoxy glue, washer and a locking nut.

Once the engineer came up with a plan, our rope access technicians were able to set up access to the area and safely carrying out the installation in less than a day, without the need for costly scaffolding.

crack repaired by high rise building maintenance team

By catching this building defect early, we were able to greatly reduce the risk to the general public below.  The make good would hold the section in place whilst the body corporate engages with the engineer further to develop and carry out a permanent repair.

How Can We Help You?

Carrying out abseiling building maintenance can be tricky – especially when it comes to carrying out complex tasks such as repairing structural cracking issues whilst working in a high access environment.  Luckily, our team has been providing solutions to complex high rise remedial issues for over 15 years.

If you need a high rise building maintenance team with the skills and qualifications to identify and fix complex remedial issues, Alltech Industrial Abseilers has got you covered.  With qualified painters, renderers, glazers and roofers in-house, there’s not many building maintenance tasks we can’t carry out on rope!

Get in touch today to discover the difference that a trade qualified abseiling team can make for your building.

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Another Rope Access Painting Project Complete!

Azure Bluecare Painting Project is Complete!


Alltech kicked off a major rope access painting project for Azure Bluecare back in June this year, and after 2,500 hours of labour over 3 months, we can proudly say the job is complete!

The project involved surface preparation and painting of both the internal and external areas of the 3 medium rise buildings, comprising over 20,000 square metres of surface area in total to be painted.

Before work could commence, the buildings had to be fitted out with certified rope access anchor points, which were all designed and installed in-house by Alltech’s dedicated height safety installation team.  Once the anchor point system was in place and tested, the abseil painting team kicked into gear – first pressure cleaning the external surfaces in preparation for the new Dulux paint to be applied.

The abseil painting team took care of all the external high access areas, whilst the guys who prefer to keep their feet on the ground took care of the internal hallways, doors, frames and common areas.  Additionally the team removed and replaced all apartment numbers on residents front doors as part of the program.

At Alltech, we consider communication as a vital part of any successful painting operation.  Our project manager Liam ensured that the management team at Azure were always up to date with where the team were at and could therefor plan with residents about what to expect.

High rise painting projects aren’t always easy.  With dozens, or even hundreds of individual residents or guests, it’s takes careful consideration and forward thinking to ensure things go smoothly.  That’s why we would like to thank the whole team and residents at Bluecare for their cooperation and understanding throughout the project!

Want to know more about how rope access painting can save you a bundle on using costly and unsightly scaffolding?

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Rope Access Building Inspection Brisbane

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t realise how much work goes on up in the sky here, above you in Brisbane City – day after day!

For a well trained eye though, it’s actually quite busy up here in the skyline – window cleaning, painting, maintaining… and in this case, carrying out a visual facade inspection for an engineering firm to evaluate the integrity of the building’s external structure.

This job was the latest in a string of rope access inspection and maintenance jobs that have been carried out by Alltech Abseilers, and suggests that this may be a time when many stakeholders are considering carrying out essential inspections and remedial works to maintain the integrity of their properties.

Clean – Maintain – Protect

It’s not just our motto…

It’s our way of helping you protect your asset… and your sinking fund!

Our rope access team have been looking after hundreds of the most iconic buildings and structures in Queensland for over 10 years.  We know what’s important when it comes to looking after a high rise… and what’s not.

Most importantly, we know that by identifying and nipping small issues in the bud now, you are setting your sinking fund up to save thousands… and in some cases, hundreds of thousands on costly and unnecessary repairs that could have been simple if you caught them sooner!

If you don’t know exactly what’s occurring on your buildings facades, isn’t it time you did?

To learn more about the benefits of rope access building inspections in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, contact us today.

Rope Access Building Inspection Brisbane

Keeping the Exterior of Your Building Clean

I think we can all agree that Queensland can get dirty. That might be an understatement, given the regular cyclones and dust storms big enough to be seen from space.

Dirt, dust, smoke, and haze are just part of life here. But it’s still important to keep things looking right.

High rise buildings left covered in dirt, grime, and filth create a visually unpleasant environment. This affects everyone in the surrounding environment.

Customers judge what they see

Looks matter.

Whether in an office building, residential apartment, hotel, or resort, it’s important to have a clean, well-cared for exterior.

A clean exterior sends positive signals of trust, honesty, and reliability.

Lasting negative impressions are formed when viewing a dirty, unmaintained building. Unfairly or not, this perception extends to the people within.

This holds true whether people are passing by or visiting as a potential customer, for a business meeting, or a home inspection.

Businesses in high rise buildings with crumbling, dirty exteriors may be seen as less reliable and untrustworthy.

A company wanting a more upscale brand, may find that difficult to convey if people perceive it to be covered in old grime.

A luxury resort will have a hard time selling itself, if guests are welcomed into a soiled environment.

Limiting employee productivity

Those who live or go to work within a dirty building, are more directly affected. Self-esteem, mood, and morale are all environmentally influenced.

Work productivity suffers in buildings with streaky windows. Residents living in dirty buildings with stained surfaces, chipped paint, and dark patches are less inspired to feel pride in their surroundings.

Windows don’t need to be broken, for incivility to rise and antisocial behaviour to start up. Regular window cleaning is an easy way to maintain morale and boost work performance.

Environmental effects

Soiled buildings aren’t just eyesores. They actually re-pollute the air.

Aside from climate particulates, buildings also collect grime from air pollutants, car exhaust fumes, and jet fuel. The chemicals collect on buildings, absorb moisture, and form layers of polluted soil.

When sunlight hits building grime, pollutants are released into the air. City grime releases nitrogen dioxide and nitrous acid: two gases which create smog.

Dirty high rise buildings are one of the prime culprits for city pollution. This makes building cleans essential.

Protect and preserve your building

High rise buildings left unmaintained degrade faster. Extreme weather, dust storms, salty sea breezes, and coastal erosion corrode building surfaces. This is worsened when particles combine with accumulated grime.

Expensive paint jobs begin to peel, flake, and bubble. Buildings develop rust spots, concrete cancer, cracks, and calcification when left unattended and caked in dirt.

When moisture is trapped by filth against building surfaces, structural problems begin to form. Deep cracks and other serious issues can be avoided by routine inspections and cleaning.

Keeping your building clean with Alltech Abseilers

High rise Queensland buildings are constantly battered by the harsh environment. Regular building cleans are vital to maintain building integrity and extend the lifespan. Regular preventative and restorative treatments will protect against serious issues.

Household products aren’t suitable for removing caked on grime. Specialty techniques and products are needed to clean layers of dirt, without damaging paint or the surrounding environment.

Difficult to reach areas need to be maintained as well. Cracks and fissures can form in areas that aren’t typically seen.

High rise buildings need to be professionally maintained by trained rope access technicians who can access the entire exterior, including hard to reach areas.

Industrial abseilers can carry out this routine work without interrupting daily activities. The days of disruptive scaffolding or swinging stages are over, thanks to rope access technicians.

If you think you need a building clean, wash or restored, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 786 583 or complete our online form and give your building a facelift!

Wesley Specialists Centre Rope Access Project

Wesley Specialists Centre Rope Access Signage Installation

Alltech Abseilers have just completed a signage installation at the Wesley Specialists Centre. Signage Installation is an important part of getting your branding right, and when you need it added to hi rise buildings or places on height safety experts can access, we are the people to help you get the job done right the first time.