Sunshine Coast Roof Painting Offer

Want to repaint your roof & save money off your power bill?

Now you can!  Right now, Alltech are offering free upgrades to Dulux Cool-Roof technology with every roof paint this Autumn!

Dulux Cool Roof with InfraCool Technology works to keep your house cooler – naturally.

How Does It Work?

InfraCOOL® reflects more sunlight before it can be absorbed as heat. Because of their large surface area, and exposure, Roof surfaces can capture and radiate the sun’s energy.

By reflecting more of the sun’s radiation, InfraCOOL® can keep surfaces cooler to help reduce heat build up in roof spaces that can filter into living zones – learn more about the benefits of painting your roof with Dulux Cool Roof here >>

How will I benefit from repainting my roof with Dulux Cool Roof?

Due to the advanced technology, the cost of Dulux Cool Roof Paint is up to double the price of standard membrane roof paint increasing the price of the overall job cost up your roof paint by more than 25%…

But, for a limited time only, Alltech have teamed up with Dulux to bring you this amazing upgrade FREE OF CHARGE!

This makes for a saving of up to $1,000 off the cost of an average sized 4 bedroom home!

But that’s not all!

Are you interested in saving even more money off your power bill?

Local hot water company – Sunpak Hot Water – are offering Alltech customers an exclusive deal on their cost saving EvoHeat 270 heat pump hot water systems.  

EvoHeat hot water systems save you up to 75% on your power bill and thanks to government rebates and this special offer, can now be fully installed in your home for less than $3,000!

It’s time to fight back and say NO to bigger power bills today!

Reduce your air-conditioning costs naturally by painting your roof with Cool Roof membrane and slash your hot water bills by 75% with an EvoHeat fully installed for $2,999.

Call Us today on 1300 786 583 for a same day, obligation free roof painting quote.

We us our advanced satellite measuring software to measure and quote your roof repaint in minutes and you can be ready to beat the power bills next summer!