Rope Access Building Inspection Brisbane

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t realise how much work goes on up in the sky here, above you in Brisbane City – day after day!

For a well trained eye though, it’s actually quite busy up here in the skyline – window cleaning, painting, maintaining… and in this case, carrying out a visual facade inspection for an engineering firm to evaluate the integrity of the building’s external structure.

This job was the latest in a string of rope access inspection and maintenance jobs that have been carried out by Alltech Abseilers, and suggests that this may be a time when many stakeholders are considering carrying out essential inspections and remedial works to maintain the integrity of their properties.

Clean – Maintain – Protect

It’s not just our motto…

It’s our way of helping you protect your asset… and your sinking fund!

Our rope access team have been looking after hundreds of the most iconic buildings and structures in Queensland for over 10 years.  We know what’s important when it comes to looking after a high rise… and what’s not.

Most importantly, we know that by identifying and nipping small issues in the bud now, you are setting your sinking fund up to save thousands… and in some cases, hundreds of thousands on costly and unnecessary repairs that could have been simple if you caught them sooner!

If you don’t know exactly what’s occurring on your buildings facades, isn’t it time you did?

To learn more about the benefits of rope access building inspections in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, contact us today.

Rope Access Building Inspection Brisbane