How To Plan High Rise Maintenance

How much does high rise window cleaning and pressure cleaning really cost?

If you manage a Brisbane or Gold Coast high rise and can remember the last bill you got for high pressure cleaning or window washing, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s quite a costly endeavour…

But there’s one thing that’s more expensive than washing and maintaining your high rise building – not maintaining your building!

If left to their own devices; salt, dirt, mould and other nasties will rapidly go to work eating away at the paint and fixtures, reducing their lifespan.

The great news is that implementing a comprehensive washing and maintenance program for your high rise building actually costs a lot less than you think!

We’ve done the math, and for the average building – yes, even high rises exposed directly to the coastal environment – the cost of a full asset protection plan is usually less… sometimes much less than a dollar a day per dwelling!

Better still, we’ve created a “3 minute maintenance plan” tool, that allows you to generate your own plan and budget in seconds!

If you don’t have time to spend hours figuring out how often you should wash your high rise building or how much you should budget for your abseil window cleaning, this tool will make it super easy for you.

It’s like having an estimator, a financial forecaster and a maintenance planner in your pocket…

You can download the maintenance planner here, answer a few basic questions about your building and have a plan of action you can put into place right away.

Watch the video at the link below to learn how to use the free excel planning tool and give us a call if you need help with implementing your custom maintenance plan.

Curious about an easy plan for your building?

Just click here to watch the tutorial video and download your copy!

We hope you find our tool useful.  Please let us know would like help implementing a plan that’s right for your.

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