Brisbane Banner Install

Installing 13m long banners on a Queen St. office block.

Rope access banner installation Brisbane – time lapse.

Abseil banner installation in Brisbane City – Project overview.

Working with banners and signs whilst suspended on ropes can be challenging at the best of times; Measurements have to be accurate to the millimetre if you want to maximise the visual appeal and carrying out the install in even the slightest wind can make push the strength and skills of the abseilers to the limit.

How the banners were installed

For this project Alltech Industrial Abseilers had to install 10 banners – some as large as 9m wide and 13m long to the outside of an office block in Brisbane’s CBD. ┬áSince the building facades consisted of decorative granite tiles that were not strong enough to support the forces at play with such large banners, a different approach was required to the usual method of installing the sail track directly walls.

In order to support the immense banners, support would be needed from the concrete, which lay 80mm beneath the surface of the tiles.

Suspending wooden support beams from the concrete beneath the tiles

By core drilling through the tiles and a further 100mm into the concrete beneath, 300mm long 16mm wide stainless steel rods could be chemically fixed, which would protrude far enough out from the facades to support wooden sleepers that would then provide a fixing point for the sail track.

Check out the photos below to see how the banner install went down!

Abseilers drilling through to the concrete.
Abseilers use hammer drills to create holes in the concrete for the 16mm rods to be set into. You can see Brisbane riverside in the backdrop.


Rope access banner installation in Brisbane City
Two Alltech Abseilers complete the final stages of installing one of the banners – tensioning the side to the right hand sail track.


Abseiler installing the bottom of the advertising banner to the wooden sleeper.
Gabriel installs the bottom sail track to the wooden sleeper. You can see the 16mm rods protruding from the wood, which have been chemically set into the concrete beneath the tiles.

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